Peacock Bass

florida peacock bassYou’re probably wondering what Peacock Bass has to do with South Florida? Well South Florida has the Amazon Butterfly Peacock Bass stocked right here in the United States in South Florida areas of Miami and in an a round Ft. Lauderdale. Why these Peacock Bass aren’t the big brutes of Brazil, they still show a largemouth bass, spotted bass or smallmouth bass who’s king of freshwater sport fish.
If the Amazon trip is out of your budget or you just don’t want to leave the U.S . let us show you what Florida Peacock Bass fishing is all about!

We find that most people after their experience fishing in South Florida, you’ll be hooked on peacock bass and start saving for your Amazon trip!

Captain Brett has spent 10 years just focusing on fishing the local canals of South Florida and on Peacock Bass. As a peacock bass guide Captain Brett’s knowledge of the waterways of South Florida combined with his study of Peacock Bass habits can provide you with one of the best Opportunities to catch these exciting fish. Read more about the South Florida Waterways and general Peacock Bass information below and don’t hesitate to call if have any questions.

With peacock bass you need to vary your fishing techniques depending upon the season, weather conditions, water quality and fish habits. I also frequently change the locations where we fish, to better maintain the fishery and provide you with better catch ratios. Simply put, this greatly benefits you the fisherman—as well as the fish!!

If you have never experienced  peacock bass, we hope this peaks your interest enough to take your first venture into the Miami for this fantastic sport fish. I have had thousands of clients in search of Florida peacock bass and would be delighted if you would allow me to make your fishing trip of a lifetime dream come true. As a season guide, I only practice professional angling while peacock bass fishing.

When it comes to the specie, its basic shape is very closely resembles that of the largemouth bass, the peacock bass is not actually a member of the black bass family. It belongs to a family of fish known as “cichlids“, one of that boasts more than 1,000 species worldwide and is well known to tropical fish enthusiasts. Like the largemouth bass, the peacock prefers to ambush unsuspecting pray from a stealthy vantage point and demonstrates a gluttonous appetite. The similarity ends there, however the peacock bass is much more eye appealing than its North American counterpart, colorfully adorned in varying shades of green, blue, orange and gold. Don’t let this appearance fool you however. The peacock bass is much more aggressive that a largemouth, often pursuing lures or fleeing prey the same size. The peacock bass routinely breaks line and destroys tackle to show its aggression.

Although four distinct species of peacock bass, known as pavon in Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Brazil, are from South America, at lease two or more of the species have made its way to North America (South Florida).

A common characteristic shared by all species of peacock bass is the black circular “eye spot” dramatically rimmed in gold on the base of the caudal fin. Since this spot closely resembles the one found on the tail plume of the land dwelling peacock fowl, and the profile of the fish resembles the North American black bass, the name peacock bass became the perfect moniker. The butterfly pavon is one of the most colorful and more plentiful. Butterfly peacocks typically average two to four pounds. But as seen in the picture above they are getting much larger.

Hope to see ya reel soon!

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